Ted the Poodle - Canine Critic Application

This is Ted the Poodles application to become a Canine Critic. Ted is a seven year old miniature poodle from Newcastle upon Tyne. His personality could best be described as enthusiastic. He loves to be involved in anything and everything and loves going to new places and finding new adventures. He loves city life and we regularly travel to London for work and pleasure. However, he’s a dogs dog at heart and is in his element with a weekend away in the country.

Ted’s incredibly photogenic and loves to pose for photos as well as making fun little videos. (videos for public broadcast are created with royalty free music) We have won multiple awards to gather including Instagram photograph of the year #thepipas2018

Please take a moment to view Teds links, phots & videos to get a better idea of the type of content he creates.

Thank you for considering Ted the Poodle.